2-Year-Old Preschool Program

Inquisitive Investigators

Our Inquisitive Investigators program provides children ages two to three with a fun-filled and positive education experience in a safe, secure and loving environment. We strive to make learning fun! The program reinforces language development, school readiness, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive ability. Tuition includes organic and all natural lunches and snacks, organic fruit and organic milk plus four specials a week: Dance, Spanish, Sign Language and Music.

The carefully crafted curriculum focuses on:

  • Teaching about feelings

  • Developing routines

  • Using manners and patience to share, wait their turn, and play nicely with others

  • Helping children to calm down and work out their problems

  • Playing nicely with toys and taking care of material

  • Understanding the difference between what is real and what is imagined

  • Using lots of language and encouraging children to communicate age appropriately

  • Reading and rereading books and having the children answer basic comprehension questions

  • Understanding sequence of events and stories

  • Properly gripping a pencil and understanding left and right progression

  • Writing letters and even names

  • Reciting and recognizing in print the upper and lower-case alphabet and numbers, shapes and colors

  • Age appropriate mathematics concepts, such as sorting, classifying, comparing, patterns, and counting

  • Singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes

  • Providing ample opportunities to use the senses

  • Playing games

  • Providing playtime activities, i.e., dress up, blocks, sand, and play dough

  • Music and movement

  • Art using crayons and finger paint

  • Working on art and multi-theme projects that take days to complete

  • Puzzle and puppetry time

  • Opportunities to run around and play in our indoor play space or outdoors, weather permitting

  • Assigning jobs and tasks to help develop responsibility

  • Completing two-step directions

  • Potty training when ready

  • Developing independence


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To learn more about our 2-year old preschool / daycare program or to schedule a tour, please send us an email or give us a call at 201-523-9555.

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