3-Year-Old Preschool Program

Blossoming Preschoolers

Our Blossoming Preschoolers program fosters social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development in a fun, safe, and loving environment. Children ages three to four are exposed to all kindergarten readiness skills – gross motor development, letter recognition, letter sounds, math skills, fine arts, and handwriting – through creative approaches that include puppetry, games, songs, and more. Tuition includes organic and all natural lunches and snacks, organic fruit and organic milk plus four specials a week: Dance, Spanish, Sign Language and Music.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  • Teaching about feelings, sharing, and problem solving

  • Developing routines

  • Using manners, waiting your turn, and playing nicely with others

  • Reciting the alphabet and letter sounds

  • Recognizing numbers, shapes and colors

  • Writing upper and lower-case letters and numbers

  • Writing names

  • Introducing beginning consonant sounds, rhyming words, basic sight words, and the basics of reading

  • Fostering critical thinking skills

  • Reading and rereading books and having the children answer basic comprehension questions

  • Answering questions with questions to foster critical thinking

  • Helping to arrange thoughts and communicate ideas age appropriately

  • Hands-on experiences connected to a variety of activities

  • Counting to 20 or higher, sorting, classifying, comparing, understanding basic addition and subtraction, patterns, and using math manipulatives to better understand number concepts

  • Properly gripping a pencil and understanding left and right progression

  • Correctly using scissors

  • Singing songs, particularly as connected to the curriculum

  • Providing playtime activities, i.e., dress up, blocks, sand, and play dough

  • Providing lots of time to play, listen to music and move, dance and wiggle

  • Art using crayons, paint, markers, pencils, and scissors

  • Opportunities to run around and play in our indoor play space or outdoors, weather permitting

  • Developing independence

  • Encouraging children to get their cots ready for nap time and take care of their cubby belongings

  • Labeling belongings

  • Assigning jobs and tasks to help develop responsibility

  • Working on problems with help or on own

  • Completing multi-step directions

  • Working in small groups at cooperative learning and center-related time

  • Activities, including art, social studies, and science projects, that take longer to complete


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To learn more about our preschool programs or to schedule a tour, please send us an email or give us a call at 201-523-9555.

Our Blossoming Preschoolers (children between 3 and 4 years old) and their developmental milestones *