4-5 year old Pre-Kindergarten Program

Persistent Pre-K

Our Persistent Pre-K program fosters a love of learning. Activities and lessons center around developing the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Children ages four to six are enveloped in a safe and loving environment that encourages the creative spirit through engaging activities that prepare them beyond what is needed for kindergarten. Tuition includes organic and all natural lunches and snacks, organic fruit and organic milk plus four specials a week: Dance, Spanish, Sign Language and Music.

Our proprietary curriculum focuses on:

  • Developing character and manners, such as using polite language and being good friends and helpers

  • Understanding feelings and resolving conflicts

  • Letting children suggest classroom rules

  • Assigning jobs and tasks to develop responsibility

  • Developing routines

  • Reading and rereading books and expecting children to retell stories in sequence and answer more thoughtful comprehension questions

  • Developing stamina while listening attentively to a variety of genres for increasingly longer periods of time

  • Introducing chapter books to foster a love of books and attend to stories read over a longer period of time

  • Communicating age appropriate ideas orally

  • Reciting, recognizing in print, and writing the upper and lower-case alphabet and numbers (up to 100), shapes and colors as well as beginning and ending consonant sounds and age appropriate sight words

  • Mastering proper pencil grip and the use of scissors

  • Stating, spelling, and writing full name, date of birth, address and phone number, as well as labeling belongings

  • Days, weeks, months, and seasons

  • Reading basics

  • Introducing new words and allowing children to add to a word wall

  • Making up rhymes and playing word games

  • Sequencing events and pictures

  • Introducing children to becoming authors, including drawing basic pictures and dictating stories and/or using pre-writing skills (using invented spelling, copying words from the word wall or their word bank and more)

  • Engaging in higher order thinking and questioning and providing children amble time to formulate their thoughts, share ideas, and answer questions in an age appropriate manner

  • Developing number sense through use of manipulatives, counting, sorting, classifying, comparing, patterning, basic addition and subtraction, counting in multiples, coin recognition and basic time telling

  • Hands-on experiences connected to a variety of activities and subjects, including math, social studies and science

  • Engaging in art using crayons and paint, markers, pencils and scissors

  • Singing songs, particularly as connected to the curriculum

  • Playtime center activities, i.e., dress up, play dough and cooking

  • Listen to music and movement, dance and wiggle

  • Opportunities to run around and play in our indoor play space or outdoors, weather permitting

  • Increasing independence

  • Getting cots ready for nap time and taking care of their belongings

  • Cleaning up after themselves, putting on their own coats, pushing in chairs, and following school rules

  • Multi-step directions

  • Working with partners, in small groups, at cooperative learning, and center-related activities

  • Working on projects that take days to complete both individually, in pairs and in groups as well as whole class

  • Opportunities for singing and performing


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Our PERSISTENT PRE-KINDERGARTNERS (big kids ages 4 to 5) and their developmental milestones *