Infant Daycare Program

Our Youngest Learners

Our Youngest Learners program provides infants of up to 12-months of age with a nurturing and engaging environment where they can grow and flourish. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Our program includes organic and all natural lunches and snacks, organic fruit and organic milk once a child begins eating solids plus two specials: Spanish (daily) and Music (once a week).

The infant teachers aim on a daily basis to:

  • Provide a safe, secure and loving environment
  • Hold, comfort, sing to, talk to or coo at and play with your baby
  • Learn to discern your baby’s cries of hunger, discomfort and need to be changed or desire for attention
  • Make toys and other objects available so that your baby can feel different textures and shapes
  • Try to make your baby giggle and tickle his or her toes just for fun

We also aim at the developmentally appropriate time to:

  • Place babies on their bellies for tummy time
  • Help babies sit with support
  • Offer babies a variety of objects and toys with different shapes, sizes, textures and sounds

  • Make faces and watch babies mimic a smile or silly face

  • Offer a mirror so they can see themselves

  • Coo, babble, gurgle, talk to and respond to your baby’s sounds

  • Introduce the babies to alphabet and number songs

  • Hold, comfort, sing to and play with babies

  • Read and reread books to them

  • Feed babies and help them when starting solids

  • Comment on what is going on so that babies have many opportunities to hear language, such as, “Oh, are you hungry? Well, I have your rice cereal ready. I am going to get you a spoonful. It looks yummy. Are you ready to eat?”

  • Say hello or goodbye and wave at them

  • Put on music and move with them

  • Play peek-a-boo and other games

  • Play with stuffed animals, dolls, puppets and other toys

  • Help babies stack soft blocks and introduce them to puzzles and sorting activities by size and color

  • Provide age appropriate multi-sensory experiences

  • Toss or roll a ball to the infants, provide small instruments for making noise or other toys that require the pushing of buttons, moving of a lever or such

  • Have fun!


Call us to learn more: 201-523-9555

To learn more about our infant daycare program or to schedule a tour, please send us an email or give us a call at 201-523-9555.

Our Youngest Learners (infants up to 12-months) and their developmental milestones *