We Are Green

With the growing rate of childhood asthma and allergies in mind, we strive to maintain as healthy an environment as possible.  Over time, we hope to become even more environmentally friendly. Suggestions are welcome.  In an effort to provide children with an edge on a lifelong journey toward a healthy lifestyle, we pepper the curriculum with units on nutrition and exercise. We offer an organic and all natural lunch and snack program. We are a nut-free facility. And we are happy to accommodate kosher, vegetarian or other dietary needs.

So, after much research and planning we believe we have made some pretty impressive green choices.

Those choices include:

  • New HVAC system

  • Non-toxic and zero-VOC paint on our walls

  • Wood flooring that meets stringent California emission standards

  • Greenguard-certified wood furnishings

  • Recycling

  • Green cleaning supplies whenever possible

  • Vacuums equipped with HEPA filters

  • Energy efficient appliances

  • LED lightbulbs

  • Cedar play equipment and fencing

  • Organic gardening

  • Composting of food wastes

  • Use of recycled products