Toddler Preschool / Daycare Program

Our Little Explorers

Our Little Explorers program for children ages one to two encourages exploration and independence in a safe and nurturing environment. The curriculum, which fosters social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development, meets the changing needs of the developing child. Tuition includes organic and all natural lunches and snacks, organic fruit and organic milk plus four specials a week for walkers and older: Dance, Spanish, Sign Language and Music.

The program focuses on:

  • Developing routines
  • Using lots of language and encouraging children to use language

  • Reading and rereading lots of books

  • Reciting the alphabet and numbers

  • Sharing colors and shapes
  • Singing lots of songs they love and reciting nursery rhymes

  • Using sign language to help them express themselves
  • Providing lots of opportunities for children to use their senses

  • Playing games

  • Providing toys and playtime center activities, such as dress up, dolls and doll houses, blocks, sand and play dough

  • Sharing in puzzle and puppetry time

  • Providing lots of time to play, listen to music and move, dance and wiggle

  • Engaging in art using crayons and finger paint

  • Providing lots of opportunities to run around, play when indoors and when out of doors to get fresh air (weather permitting)

  • Teaching children to play nicely with each other and toys

  • Teaching children to use manners and patience

  • Developing independence whenever possible

  • Helping to become potty trained when interested and ready

  • Making learning fun!


Call us to learn more: 201-523-9555

To learn more about our toddler preschool / daycare program or to schedule a tour, please send us an email or give us a call at 201-523-9555.

Our Little Explorers (toddlers between 1 and 2 years old) and their developmental milestones *